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4 years

Hans & Mommy in Florida 2012

June 1998 - June 2008
Member of OhioDance since 2000 

RSB was created in 1998 for the Cleveland community as a pre-professional school of dance.  Throughout its history RSB has impacted the lives of many young students.  This website was created to chronicle RSB's history.  Visit our RSB Alumni page to see what our graduates and former students have to say; view our pictorial history with special slideshows from Dr. Morscher and discover what made RSB so special in the Cleveland community. Although our doors are now closed, RSB has left its mark in dance.  RSB Alumni are spreading the RSB Philosophy in the local, national and international dance community, as well as all walks of life.   RSB thanks the RSB Student, RSB Customer, RSB Staff and everyone involved in making a contribution to this organization. 

  Artistic Director and  Founder
Joanne Hughes Morscher

As the executive director of OhioDance I would like to congratulate the Royal School of Ballet for many years of continued quality dance education. Under the direction of Joanne Hughes Morscher many students have received a strong dance background and have gone on to have a successful dance career.

The pre-professional youth performing ensemble performed at the OhioDance Festival Showcase on numerous occasions. Their pieces were chosen among many applicants and rated with the highest marks for artistic and technical quality. It was always an honor to have these students attend our festival and participate in the events.

The school has been an active member of OhioDance for many years. Ms. Morscher understands how important it is to support the arts community and the advocacy efforts that we do on the behalf of dancers throughout the state of Ohio. OhioDance supports the achievements of its members past, present and in the future.

Jane D’Angelo
Executive Director

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