Part One
Preparations and Stage Rehearsal for the

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The studio of the Royal Youth Ballet Company, and the Royal School of Ballet.  North Royalton, Ohio, March, 2002 .
Preparations for future performances, in the North Royalton studio.
Training, photographed in mid flight.
More training in in the North Royalton studio.

Board Member Steve Baker arrives with a truck loaded with our supplies at the World View Community Church loading dock.
Part of the collection of costumues are unloaded and sorted.
Lighting preparations took most of the afternoon.
Plenty of room for comforatable audiance seating.
Hundreds of pounds of lighing equipment is lowered to the state floor to allow adjustments.
Another early backstage setup view.
Artistic Director Joanne Hughes Morscher inspecting the condition of the costumes after their truck ride.
Behind the stage, a corridor filled with props and tools.

The pulleys and ropes that control the varous lighing, backdrops and curtains.
Our heavy Harliquin "floor" ready to be unrolled.
We even brourght a pair of our own "barre's" along for the practice before the show.
A makeshift dressing area was cleared of backstage clutter and curtained off.
After sweeping the black wooden stage surface clean of grit, our Harliquin floor is unrolled.
Steve Baker hauls in a very heavy roll of  "floor".  At our home studio, this "floor" is only the top layer of  an elaborate sprung floor system.
The "floor" is unrolled and carefully positioned so as to avoid irregularities and  to preserve  guide markings.
The "floor" is taped down using Harliquin tape.  Ordinary Duct tape does not work in this setting as it gums up the floor when removed later.
The "floor" is about ready and the backdrop and lighting is adjusted.
Way back and up high behind the audience seating is the main sound and lighting booth.  Here is a part of that.
Measurments for the placement of placement markers.
View from the stage.
The view from center stage.
We are ready.
"Port de Bra" dress rehearsal on stage.
"Diamonds" as scene from the wings of "stage left".
Board member Steve Baker pauses after helping getting the sound system going.
Mac and the girls.
Fast paced and less fast paced action.
"Port de Bra Study" waiting their turn under the lights.
The Angels have earned their wings.
"Marzipan" wearing stage makeup.
Chinese Tea dancers adjusting the chopsticks in their hair.
More backstage adjustments and giggles.
Dancers are often paired backstage so as to help each other quickly into new costumes and to make everything look just right.
Two angels.
More angels.
"Snow Scene" and "Angels" sharing the stage.
Angels rehearsing on stage.
The pesky Snow Pom Poms which need endless repair.
Snow scene.
Ahh!  The Sugar Plum Fairy finally arrived.
Top secret documents for the show revealed in this spy photo.
Stage left.
Happy Dancers!
The Nutcracker Introduction rehearsal.
More Nutcracker Intoduction. Everyone from "Land of Sweets" has arrived.
"Hot Chocolate from Spain." "Coffee from Arabia"
"Coffee from Arabia." Great Flexibility. "Chinese Tea"
"Candy Canes" "Marzipan"

Waiting for the Finale rehearsal.
Mother Ginger & the "Polichenilles" "Mother Ginger & the Polichenilles"
"Mother Ginger & the Polichenilles" Eager eyes watch from with wings.
"Chinese Tea and Hot Chocolate" posing backstage. "Dewdrop and her Flowers"
Even dancers sneeze. Mac and Nicole in the Nutcracker Pas de Deux.
Beautiful position! More Pas!
Excitement and silliness. Candy Canes.
The Candy Canes with the ever popular hula hoops. Board member Arnie Morscher pleased with the way things are going.
Mother Ginger and her troupe! Very happy dancers on Stage Left.
Watching from Stage Right, dancers and RYBC Stage Crew. Watching the Candy Canes in the Finale.
Getting ready to go "on stage." Nearing midnight, holiday decorating preparations by the World View staff are still going on in the lobby.
A final lobby picture before going outside in the heavy rain.

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