Part Two
Final Preparations, Stage Rehearsal, and Scenes from the

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The venue for this year's  Big Event, World View Community Church in Olmsted Falls, on a very windy day.  December 1st, 2006 .
Nice lighting of the event location at night,the World View Community Church.  Too bad the wind made me and the camera a bit shakey.
The lobby was nicely decorated in the wee hours of the night before and now we prepare for ticket sales. A view into the roomy lobby.

A final class on stage at bare.
More of the pre-show class.
Final rehearsals. Ready for the show.
Students stuffing show brochures backstage.. Board member Tom Laub (left), Jill Nickell (right), and videographer Joseph Von Enk.  Joseph has three daughters in the company.
Ushers guarding the door.
Brochures ready to be handed out for the show.
Backstage with instructor Anna Lobe.
Artistic Director Joanne Morscher with two students.
Just after the first performance, the dancers posed for me.
A computer showed DVD's of past performances, and the pictures that you are looking at now.  The flowers in the blue vase came from our very own Renee who is in France this year.
Joseph Von Enk and his daughter.
The dancers watching themselves on the DVD player.
The dancers watching themselves on the DVD player.  Three Board Members, Jill Nickell (left to right), Arnold Moscher, and Terri Ambrose.

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