Part Three
Scenes from Day Two of the

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The admission booth manned by
RYBC parent, Bob McAlindon.
The lobby before the big audiance came.
The sun finally came out at the World View Community Church.
Another view of or venue, the World View Community Church.
The lobby features a spectacular wilderness view.
Many people contributed to the delicious pastry and food table.  Almost all of which was gobbled up by the end of the day.
Setting up the dessert tables.
Opening act of the show.
Attentive viewers watch the opening act.
Another view from the wings.
Best seat in the house.
Watching from the wings.
More watching and waiting.
Dancers from "Diamonds."
"Port de Bra Study" on stage.
The complicated stage sound system on stage left, with Alison Morey in the distance.
Poli's and Angels wait backstage.
RYBC Stage Crew, Leanne Breslin.
Watching from the wings.
Posing in front of the Snow Scene Backdrop.
The "Snow Scene".
More posing.
Another angle.
Right stage hand, Jen, opens the main curtain.
I am surrounded by babes. Snow scene.
Angels awaiting their moment.
Angels open the "Land of Sweets."
I was entrusted with these curtain cable controls.  Would you have entrusted me with such a task?
Waiting for the Sugar Plum Fairy to make her appearnace.
A closed ciruit televsion allowed the backstage dancers to follow the show.
More of the "Snow Scene."
The Sugar Plum Fairy has finally
Candy Canes ready for action.
Picture of a picture being taken.
"Chinese Tea" takes to the stage.
"Candy Canes" finish their piece.
Watching "Marzipan."
"Mother Ginger" being pulled off stage by her "Polichenilles".
The "Flowers" surround the "Dewdrop."
"Flowers and Dewdrop"
More watching.
And waiting.
Final fiinsh for the "Flowers and Dewdrop."
The "Nutcracker Pas de Deux."
More Pas.
Does everyone have their crowns, wings and tree branches?
Waiting their turn.
Flowers posing backstage.
An unusual picture.
Lining up at the left stage entrance for the big Finale.
Everyone waits their turn.
Finale scene.
More finale scenes.
Time for a bow.
The Artistic Director on the stage with a bouquet of flowers.
The entire cast on stage. Posing after the "Big Show."
Moments after the show is over, the leased backdrops are lowered and carefully folded and then put in boxes to be shipped back to California.
Here, the second of two leased backdrops is being carefully folded for placement into the shipping box.
The pastry table seems to have been a success.
Smiles at the end of the show.

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