Part One
Preparations and Stage Rehearsal for the

November 30, 2007

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Our performance venue, the World View Community Church, on a sunny day for a change. Steve Baker helping to get the rented backdorps hung.  Getting them level was yet another challenge.                   
We got our workout for the week, lugging around the metal chairs for the backstage area. Once the Harlequin floor was down, Jacob Wadenpfuhl got to work getting the lighting right.
Marc Anthony Photography was on hand to make take shots of the dancers in costume on rehearsal day.
Marc Anthony Photography
The sound board and Steve at the back of the theater.

Prepared to rehearse. Alisha backstage helping out.
Rehearsal as seen from the wings. Another stage practice rehearsal.
Tech rehearsal goes on and on. and on......
The use of cell phones magically slows the whole rehearsal process down. The backstage area was very cold early in theday.
Our eager dancers. Excited young dancers.
RYBC staff, Rene Rossi, Joanne Morscher, and Leanne Wadenpfuhl. The view from the sound booth with Steve Baker and Chris, our Sound guy.
Jacob Wadenpfuhl up high in the lighting booth. Here we are way up high on the catwalk, Jacob is fiddling with some very hot lights.
The view of the stage from the catwalk was quit good, unless you bump your head on the pipes, or fall. A differnt angle.
Little dancers await their turns at rehearsal. The catwalk is not open to the public, so here is a view of it to satisfy curiosity.
Vince Privitera and Joe Nicklos stuff and fold the show programs which were printed free of charge for us by Antares Management Solutions. How the cast looks to the audience.
Mac hoisting up Claire inthe final pose.
Gingersnaps in the foreground.
Bright new red costumes for the "Russians". Another view of the cast in rehearsal.
More full stage shots. "China" dancers with their fans that quickly fall apart.
Rehearsal night seems to be a fun time. The Snowflakes on stage.
Swirling action as seen from the wings. 
Alison, one of our RYBC Stage Crew.
Gingersnaps backstage. Eager bright "Russians".
Hi!!! Angels ready to enter the stage.
Nearing the finale. Most of the cast can be seen here.
More stage action. Many hours of labor have gone into making and maintaining the costumes.
The show rehearsal lasts a long time as many parts need to be fine tuned. My special powers allow me to walk on stage and take photos, something that is taboo for mortals.
"Chineese Tea" dancers on stage. Little "Angels" on stage.
More "Angels" on stage. "Russians" on stage.
Joe Von Enk setting up the video recording devices.  He later offers the public a DVD of the show for a nominal fee.  The quaility of his recording and editing make it a good deal if you were to ask me. For the full stage final rehearsal, I  climbed up onto the catwalk and offer the following scenes.

Another catwalk view.
Who knows, maybe, next year's video will be recorded from the catwalk.
In the beginning.... "Spain"
"Arabia" "China"
More of "China." "Russia"
"Germany" "Germany"
"Germany" "Gingersnaps"
Gingersnaps bowing. "Gardens of Flowers"
More Gardens.... and more....
Yet more... Many Flowers....
Almost finished. The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux.
The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux. The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux.
The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux. The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux.
The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux. I feel a kinship to that chair, as I took a nap in it earlier in the day.
Mac's solo. Mac's solo.
Sugar Plum Fairy. Sugar Plum Fairy
The Finale. The Finale.
The Finale. The Finale.
The Finale. The Finale.
The Finale. The Finale.
The Finale. The Finale.
The Finale. The Finale.
The Finale. The Finale.
The Final Pose! After the big dress rehearsal, Renee and Leanne give more instructions.
Tired dancers wind it up for the day.  It is late in the evening, cold, and the Big Show is tomorrow.

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