Part Two
Saturday Matinee

December 1, 2007

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Red Roses ready for the Ballet staff.
Theresa Bonvissuto, on the left, helping young RYBC dancers.                                 
Ave Maria dancer ready to go on stage.
RYBC dancer laying on the floor, luckily, not in costume.
Mrs. Morscher, Hans, and Alison.                                 
The RYBC reception crew in the lobby.
Mrs. McAlindon as an usher. Introduction to the show by Mrs. Morscher and little Hans.
Backstage rules spelled out.
Ave Maria.
Handel Suites, Minuet I.
Handel Suites, Minuet I again.
Handel Suites, Minuet number I again. Handel Suites, Minuet I again, as seen from the wings.
Our eager dancers in the wings.
Thereasa hooking up her sister's costume.
More of the Handel Suites.
And another photo of the Handel Suites.
Backstage dressing room.
Here are the "Snow Angels" backstage, behaving nicely.
Another Ave Maria dancer backstage.
Dancers in the wings.
The best view in the house is not always the front row.
Thereas sewing crowns into the heads of dancers.
"Snow Angels" being marched onto stage. "Snow Angels" about to perform.
"Snow Angels" either going on or off stage.
"Snow flakes" almost ready for the stage.
"Snow flakes" again. "Snow Angels" in the wings.
A picture of picture taking.
More "Snow Flakes".
Once again, I am surrounded by chicks.
The "Sugar Plum Fairy" being sewen in to the costume.
Another candid photographer, granted photo premit by members of the RYBC Board.
"Snow Flakes" posing for me.
Watching from the wings.
And watching....
That backdrop was a rental that came in a surprisingly small, yet heavy, box.  The grey floor is the floor from the RSB school of dance.
Someone is wearing a crown.
"Snow Angels" doing their thing.
"Snow Angels" in a circle of sorts.
The "Snow Queen" Pas de Deux.
A beautiful arabasque for the  spinning Snow Queen.
Alex and Mac performing.
The "Snow Scene".
More from the "Snow Scene".
Little "Russians" waiting thier turn.

"China" dancers backstage.
A "China" and "Gardens of Flowers" dancers.
Some "Russians" don't like the camera. "Germany", "Snow Queen", and the "Sugar Plum Fairy".

"Gingersnaps" awaiting thier turn.
"Snow" scene.
More of the' Snow' scene.
End of the "Snow" scene.
Introduction to Scene II.
Scene II.
Many dancers in Scene II. "Spain" dancing.
"China" takes their turn.
Bright red "Russians"..
"Germany" presents thier dance.
More "Gingersnaps" activity.
"Gingersnaps" take a bow. "Gardens of Flowers"
"Gardens of Flowers" "Gardens of Flowers"
"Gardens of Flowers" The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux.
The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux. The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux.
The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux. The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux.
The Sugar Plum Fairy Pas de Deux. Sugar Plum Fairy
Sugar Plum Fairy Watching from the wings.
The Finale. The "Snow Angels" getting set for the Finale.
The Finale. A neat lighting effect.
More views of the Finale. The Finale.
The Finale.
The Finale.
Leanne Brusk, and daughter Susan.  Leanne's sewing skills helped us out greatly this year.

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