Part One
Preparations and Stage Rehearsal for the

May 4, 2007
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The day before the performance, getting the backdrops even, and sorting out detail.
The costumes arrive in good order at the North Royalton High School Perfoming Arts Center.
Once again, the good people at Penske gave us a nice deal on the truck rental.
Boxes filled with programs needing to be stuffed.  Thanks to Antares Management Solutions for the printing of these.
Stage dress rehearsal of "Friends and Enemies".
Awaiting their turn.
"Liesel and Carlotta" from "Friends and Enemies". Matt, sporting a Dunder Mifflin shirt, is our back stage hand for the shows.
Young kids from "Friends and Enemies". Another stage practice dress rehearsal of "Friends and Enemies".
Our "German Village" view that the audience sees.
Up high in the sound and lighting booth.  Dave and Jim sorting out things.
The view from the sound and lighting booth.
Another view from the sound and lighting booth.
Out in the lobby, decorations are being assembled by the Bakers to accompany the food and beverages that will be sold.
Excited young dancers.
Practice makes perfect.
The view from the wings.
Kenya Woods Cooper's modern piece features dramtic poses that I would not attempt at home.
Here is Kenya (holding the rolls of tape) demonstrating the moves.
Lots of "competitive" moves are part of this set, based upon a competition of sorts, the "The Race".
A differnt angle.
Posing for me.
Once again, your's truely, surrounded by chicks.
Near the end of Kenya's piece a bit of dramitic action...
...a cartwheel over the dancers.
Another try at the cartwheel.
All made up for the dress rehearsal.
The same gang from the other end of the row.
Pay attention to Kenya.
Joanne with staff instructors Ana Lobe and Leanne Wadenphal.
Be patient.
Napoli on stage.
Napoli as seen from the wings. 
More Napoli.
Napoli on stage.
Mac during his variation.
Hard to capture the fast action on stage.
Out come the tambourines.
Nearing the Napoli finale.
Ana Lobe giving last minute corrections to the Napoli cast.
Napoli as seen from the auditorium.
The finale for this piece is an amazing seven minutes long.
The show rehearsal comes to an end.

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