Part Two
Dr. Morscher's photos of

May 5, 2007

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Before the show, one last warmup at the barre's
Joe Von Enk, who is a professional graphic artist, has been our official videographer for several years.
...made the official seating chart using a computer spreadsheet.
Jill and Marie Korfhage with company info material and a DVD display.
Bob McAlindon helping at the food and beverage table.
Little ones awaiting their turn.
Kaylee Baker and instructor Kenya Woods Cooper on the right.

Peering out of the dressing room.
My mom on the left with an old friend who makes fantastic cakes.
Last minute costume adjustments.
Think about something good to eat and smile.
Scene from the "Friends and Enemies".
More from "Friends and Enemies". Backstage, with  Alison, Mac and dancers.
Action fills the stage in "Friends and Enemies". That is our receptionist Nicole Roberts on the right.
View form the wings.
Little ones in "Friends and Enemies".
Another angle.
"Dance Danube" all set to go on stage.
"Dance Danube" on stage.
More "Dance Danube."
Kenya's modern number, "The Race".
More from "The Race".
Excitment and tension in the wings.
"Dance For Six" from Handel Suites
"The Race"
Mac getting ready to go onstage.
All made up for opening night.
Getting ready for more action.
Ana Lobe with Joanne before the third act. "Napoli" as seen from the wings. 
"Napoli" on stage.
"Napoli" on stage.
"Napoli" on stage. Joannes father, Louis Urias Hughes made the long wooden benches just a few years before he passed away.
More "Napoli" Action packed "Napoli."
Finale of the "Pas de Six." Nearing the Napoli finale.
The "Tarentella." Napoli.
The finale for this piece is an amazing seven minutes long. Opening Night bow.
More Bows. Clapping for the audience.
Here comes Mrs. Morscher. Joanne with Ana Lobe and Kenya Woods Cooper.
How can the girls dance so beautifully and leave behind such a mess in the dressing rooms?.

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