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Most of my photographs are from the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York areas.  These include many early Conrail images.  There is also an assortment of railroad photos from the following lines:

  • B&O 
  • C&O
  • CSX
  • D&H
  • EL
  • Norfolk & Western
  • Norfolk Southern
  • Others
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  • Recent Site Additions: 
    • 7-18-2004
      • Thie first half of 2004, lots of Berea stuff, and a little trip to the Ohio Central.
    • 4-17-2005
      • A trip to Germany, the rest of 2004, and few photos from early 2005.
    • 6-6-2005
      • The first half of 2005 with stuff from Ohio, Pennyslvania, and a trip to a Baldwin Diesel haven in New Jersey.
    • 5-11-2006
      • At last, the second part of 2005.
    • 9-1-2006
      • Things from around Cleveland in the first 8 months of 2006.
    • 11-6-2006
      • More local stuff and a surprise Lakeshore & Michigan Southern relic.
    • 12-6-2006
    • 3-15-2007
      • Added local photos from the tail end of 2006 and the start of 2007.
    • 5-13-2007
      • More Cleveland area stuff, and a short trip to Willard.
    • 7-7-2007
      • Improved my macros to generate the web pages faster and more easily. 
    • 9-29-2007
      • Some Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad photos.
    • 6-3-2008
      • We got a little baby boy in 2007, so my photography time has been curtailed.  Here is the rest of the photos from 2007 and the beginning of 2008.
    • 8-20-2008
      • A mini update with one roll of slides, and a mini trip to Falconer, NY.
    • 6-23-2009
      • A few more photos from Faloncer, NY, and a handful from Berea and nearby.
    • 8-11-2009
      • Uploads of  caption updates and corrections.
    • 8-15-2010
      • More caption updates and corrections and photos from 2010.
    • 2-7-2011
      • Resized all the photos on this web site to a larger size.
    • 2-28-2011
      • The rest of 2010, the end of Kokachrome, and a few photos from 2011.
    • 10-16-2011
      • Some updates from this year, and a hijacked 747 from back in 1990.
    • 5-26-2013
      • I have been too busy to spend time taking train photos, but here is a long overdue update anyway.
    • 6-17-2014
      • Finally, an update.  NKP 765 steam special in Rocky River.
    • 6-8-2015
      • Using my ACTS Monitoring to predict trans in my home town, we have some fresh scenes from Rocky River.
    • 5-25-2016
      • After almost a year, some new uploads from the area around Rocky River, Ohio.
    • 4-3-2017
      • Another small upload of photos from Rocky River, Lakewood, and Bay Village.
    • 12-13-2017
      • A roll of film featuring: Rocky River Ohio, Creston, Sterling, and North East, PA.
    • 8-24-2018
      • Some more images from North East, PA, and from around here in Rocky River, OH.
    • 10-8-2019
      • Local photos from Rocky River, Ohio and a few from North East, PA.
    • 6-29-2020
      • Database updates, simplified web menu with more years combined together.  More local photos from Rocky River and nearby.
    • 8-20-2020
      • Photos from Vermilion and Rocky River, Ohio.
    • 10-3-2021
      • Local photos from the Rocky River, Ohio area.
    • 4-23-2022
    • 6-19-2023
      • A trip to Scranton PA, to see a PA in PA and goodies on the Delaware & Lackawanna.

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    Please feel free to send me any corrections and suggestions.  I have captioned many slides and often have not been totally sure of the locations and specifics from long ago.  E-Mail me at: axm11@po.cwru.edu

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