Our Mission Statement...

Royal Youth Ballet Company (RYBC) is a pre-professional youth performing ensemble, under the direction of  Joanne Hughes Morscher.  It is located in North Royalton, Ohio and serves the Cleveland communities.  RYBC  is comprised of a talented group of local dancers ages 8-18years, who train at the Royal School of Ballet, Inc. (RSB), which is also located in North Royalton, Ohio.

It is the mission of RYBC to bring live performance art to the Cleveland communities through performances, concert series, yearly Nutcrackers and educational activities such as lecture/ teaching demonstrations for school children of all ages.  We want to provide not only a memorable performance to our audiences, but an arts education as well.  It is our belief that an arts education will help to develop an understanding of the value of the arts in peoples lives.  Education is the vital link to continued community support of the arts. 

RYBC is a 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation.  We are seeking community support through grants, fund raisers and donations.  Please find below our upcoming 2005-2006 season events.  The company is in constant need of costumes, operating expenses, travel expenses and performance cost.  Your help and generosity is greatly appreciated.

RYBC Company Members

  "Esmeralda"      "Paquita"

Classical Variations at YAGP 2004.


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