RYBC Wings with Strings 2007 

Here are some scenes from our second Wings with Strings  fund raising event.  The event was made possible by the efforts of many people and the donation of numerous raffle prizes by local businesses.  Wings with Strings 2007 raised about $4000.00, all of which will go to support the RYBC 2007 season. 
This event was underwritten by Dr. & Mrs. Arnold H. Morscher & Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Joy.

Dessert table loaded with goodies.
Our Artistic Director.
Mönschshof Scwhartz Beer is always a big hit, especially with Arnie's famous chicken wings.
Attorney Roy Morscher samples the Mönschshof.
RYBC parent Cris Rees lended a huge amount of help in the kitchen.
RYBC parent Tim Rees at the far right was the night's bar tender.  Reene Rossi's parents, Sandy and Armand Rossi.
Table of prizes for the reverse raffle were aquired by the event Co-Chair,  Jennifer Joy
RYBC Costumes on display.
RYBC parent Bob Ambrose on the left with barkeep Tim Rees. Guest JoAnn Paul in front of RYBC Board memeber Matthew Joy MD.
Jennifer Joy and Barb Hallal keep Dr. Joy MD in good spirits.
Guests relaxing and awaiting the big reverse raffle.
Artistic Director (back to camera) talking to RYBC parents Marcy and Larry Hoffman MD and Stever Baker (right).

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