ConPit Junction and the "C" light

Here is some information about the "C" light that is on the PRR position light signals at ConPit Jct.  Thanks to a web site visitor, Bob Carbaugh, for this information.

"...While searching the list, saw a photo of westward home signals (5/16/99) at Conpit, with a question about the "C" light. These were to allow trains to operate over the Conemaugh Line, between Conpit and Kiski at track speed limits between interlockings, with non-functional cab signals. Between these two points trains were run on signal indication of cab signals - with NO automatic WAYSIDE signals...the only signals were at interlockings. The "C" was lunar white and indicated "Clear to Next Interlocking", indicating, effectively, "Clear Block"- permission to run at track speed (I believe up to 40mph?), and approach the next interlocking prepared to stop. At the next CP, if you had any type of "Clear" signal AND the "C" light, you could continue. If the signal was other than a Clear aspect OR the Dispatcher was unable to display the "C" light, one would (if permitted) continue at "Restricted" speed to the next interlocking....

If I remember correctly, the Conemaugh Line between Kiski and Conpit (~50 miles) was one of ...such signaled areas (Automatic Block Signal Rules - Cab Signal Only - NO Wayside Signals). To other than those who (like me) had to operate over this district, this would be peripheral or arcane knowledge. The fellows who were imported to help during the NS takeover were astounded by the Cab Signals in their normal (with wayside signals), and stupefied at their function without any signal indicators outside the cab for several miles between Control Points....   Bob C. "

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