Maria "Mitzi" Morscher (Bizilj) born in 1900 died in 1985.  She was my (Arnold Morscher) and Emin Narcis Batlak's the a great grandparent from Langenton (Gottschee) and had a Gasthouse in Altlag.  

Maria "Mitzi" Morscher (Bizilj) spent quite a bit of time in Altlag.  She met Emin Narcis Batlak's grandfather, Ivan Bizilj, when he would come from Ljubljana to buy pigs for his business. They married and Mitzi would spend time in both places. Emin Narcis Batlak's mother was born in Ljubljana.

At the end of WW2 in Yugoslavia they were all put in prison. (thats another story.)  They went to Austria to a Displaced Persons camp. Mitzi had relatives in NYC and they sponsored them to come to the US. They came to Cleveland and started Marys Restaurant in the heart of an industrial neighborhood. They owned 5 houses and were well off.

Emin Narcis Batlak,s family came to the US in 1960 with the help of sponsors.