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    This Miva applet allows you to search thumbnail hyperlinks of the entire collection of railroad images that have been uploaded (so far) to this Web site.  This search covers ALL the years featured on this web site.

To conduct a search:
    Type in your requested item in the box below.  Your request can be something like a "Railroad Engine Number", a "Date of Photo", a "City",  "Locomotive type" or anything else that catches your fancy.  The search is a simple single item search an NOT a Boolean type search.
   Your search request can be an exact or a partial match.  If you are searching for Conrail engine 6666, enter "RR: CR 6666" (without quotes)  and all photos of CR 6666 will be listed in the search results section.  If you enter "RR: CR 6" as your search request, you will get search results for engines like CR 6000, CR 6014, CR 6767, etc.
    If you are looking for photos from a particurlar state, like Pennsylvania, enter ", PA." (without the quotes) and this should give you a decent result.
    To view the images that you have found, click the blue colored hyperlinks.

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